Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a well regulated, mature offshore financial centre offering:

Tax efficient structures.

0% rate of corporate tax in the Isle of Man

VAT benefits – the Isle of Man is part of the UK for VAT purposes – although we have our own Customs and Excise division in the Isle of Man. We are within the European customs union for the purposes of free movement of goods and most services (excluding financial services)

Company Law - The Isle of Man has a very well developed and comprehensive framework for company law which anticipates share capital companies, US style LLCs, Foundations as well as Limited Partnerships.

No capital gains taxes.

No inheritance taxes

Communications – The Island enjoys a world-class and highly resilient telecommunications infrastructure with a network of new data hosting centres supported by 5 discrete high bandwidth fibre optic cables connecting the Island with the North of England and Ireland .

Confidentiality – no public registration of beneficial ownership and the opportunity to use nominee shareholders.

The Isle of Man is a “Common Law” jurisdiction. The Isle of Man closely follows English legal precedents and legislation.

Professional services – the Isle of Man offers a well established professional services industry, represented by  leading firms in the  fields of Law, Accountancy, Banking and Insurance

The Isle of Man has mature shipping and aircraft registers.