Private Faimily Office

Wealthy families often see the benefits of a family office to act as custodian of their assets and financial affairs. Many recognise the advantages of having a team of trusted advisers in place to help protect and enhance the family’s wealth over the long term.

Westwinds has been looking after the financial affairs of private clients, their families and business interests for many years. Whether you are domiciled in the UK, Isle of Man or abroad, and we run and advise a number of family offices.

Our services are tailor-made to reflect your family’s objectives, dynamic, needs and aspirations. Working with your existing advisers, we can act as the focal point for the family’s financial requirements and provide all the support and guidance needed to help protect, grow and, when appropriate, transfer its assets. In effect, we can act as your ‘family finance director’ – co-ordinating all of the family’s financial needs.

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