Aircraft Registration

Aircraft registration in the Isle of Man can offer owners of aircraft such as high quality private and corporate jets and high quality twin turbine-engine helicopters which are not used for commercial air transport are primarily:

  • Operating Costs – the low priced costs involved in operations from the Island
  • A Register where registration grants the right to use the single "M", politically neutral, prefix
  • Exceptionally efficient and high personal service standards from an internationally respected registry which is available "all hours"
  • The beneficial tax regime (both in terms of VAT planning and corporate tax) which exists in the Island
  • A secure Aircraft charges register.
  • The Isle of Man is in the same time zone as the UK and only 1 hour different from Europe

An Isle of Man VAT registered business may enjoy the following benefits:

  • With a Certificate of Approval for Duty Deferment the deferral of import VAT for 15 days after the month end
  • Import to the Isle of Man
  • VAT zero rating
  • Reclaim VAT on Isle of Man and UK expenses.

Some further benefits of registering in the Isle of Man are:

  • No Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) vs 6% in the UK
  • No exchange controls.

Further information is available from the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry website.

Please contact us for further information.